Message from
Brother David S. Irving
Provincial Grand Master of Dunbartonshire
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Dear Brethren,  

I write this message to you in mid-December and I'm looking forward with much hope to a safe and peaceful Christmas for all our members and families. This season of advent let us allow ourselves the gift of hope. Our Lodges are taking the first steps to a resumption of Masonic activity and I am hopeful that we will see the light at the end of this tunnel.


Taking small cautious steps must be the way ahead as we release ourselves from the shackles of this awful pandemic, although even as I write, I'm sure that we all feel the vicissitudes of the times. These last three months have shown us what can be achieved, we must continue to make our Masonic buildings welcoming safe places. However, it should not be forgotten that we have lost good men and masons over these past two years and they will not be forgotten, we have all shared in this loss. On Sunday the 4th September the Grand Lodge of Scotland will hold a Special Divine Service to be held in Glasgow Cathedral, our own Provincial Grand Chaplain Rev Mark E. Johnstone will of course be taking part in the service. The New Commissioned Office-Bearers are in place and we look forward to working with you and for you over these next five years. I would place on record my thanks for the many supportive messages that I have received and I look forward eagerly to the term. At this time, I must pay my sincere appreciation to our Immediate Past Provincial Grand Master Brother Forrest for all the many years of devotion to this Provincial Grand Lodge but in particular the last five years as our Provincial Grand Master. These past two years have been very demanding and extremely challenging and he has shown great leadership through these tough times. I look forward to counting on his support going forward he will certainly be a hard act to follow. Let's not forget that we in this Province have now have seven Past Provincial Grand Masters and their expertise will be invaluable to me. The Grand Lodge of Scotland will visit Dumbarton on Saturday the 26th March 2022 to carry out the Installation of myself and the new Commissioned Office- Bearers, we are planning for as full an Installation day as possible but like most things at this time any planning that is made is subject to change. A "History of the Province of Dunbartonshire" was published back in 1989 and this book is still available and for sale from Circle Publications. Chapter Eight is headed "The Reverend Years 1921 -1941". This Chapter highlights the years of Provincial Grand Master Brother Rev T. Angus Morrison. First Installed as such in 1921 and if it had not been for the pandemic I'm sure that the Province would have marked this 100th year Anniversary. With your support it is my intention to mark the start of "The Reverend Years" this coming year, I have spoken at length with our Provincial Grand Chaplain Brother Rev Johnstone and we have a few ideas of commemoration and we hope to bring these to you in early course. The Brethren of this Province have head me say that if we in Masonry are good at anything then we are best at celebrating. Lodges 195, 503 and 1234 are to mark major milestones with Re-Dedication Ceremonies this coming year, these were delayed because of the pandemic, dates for these meetings are to be found of page 42 of this book and we look forward with eager anticipation to these celebrations.  
One of our most important dates in our forward diary is our Divine Service to be held at Renton Trinity Parish Church on Sunday the 8th May 2022 and after having to cancel the last two services I would really ask that all of our Lodges be represented on that day, again I look for your support. I hope and trust that we all have a brighter 2022, please Stay Safe. 

David S. Irving
Provincial Grand Master

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