Message from
Brother David S. Irving
Provincial Grand Master of Dunbartonshire
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Dear Brethren,  

The History books will forever recall the year gone by as the year that we lost Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. After a Glorious 70 Year reign that touched so many people around the world, Her Majesty died peacefully on Thursday the 8th of September here in Scotland and all of Freemasonry mourned. As I write this article is seems quite some time ago but it is only 12 short weeks and I think for many we are perhaps still in a period of mourning. We look forward to the Coronation of the His Majesty King Charles III on the 6th of May 2023 and we will Toast his Health at the Provincial Ball to be held on that day.


Back in November, PGL carried out the Dedication of a New Lodge Carpet for Lodge Clydebank No. 1234 just before their Centenary Celebrations. During the Ceremony I asked the brethren to consider the Carpet with its Black and White Squares - like a man's life, Living in Balance. I asked them to consider that Maintaining Balance allows us to adhere to our Masonic Teachings and that by Maintaining Balance we may be able to stand upright in our several stations before God and Man. Thinking on the lessons of the 24-inch Gauge, dividing our time equally and wisely avoiding irregularity and intemperance. Brethren I would ask you to ensure that Balance is given in equal quantities to your home, work and Masonic lives, this must surely make us better men and Masons. Whist the current economic climate continues to be of concern to our brethren and the wider community, I must commend the brethren for the remarkable support shown to the Grand Master Mason's "Make it a Million Appeal" on behalf of Prostate Scotland. Well in excess of 1.1 million Pounds has been donated by the Freemasons of Scotland to this most important charity. All of our 21 Lodges have contributed in many ways, and I extend my thanks to all. As I near the completion of the first year of my Commission I would thank you all for your support. The year 2023 will be a momentous year for both Lodges 1304 and 1309 who both Celebrate 100 Years. We will welcome the Grand Lodge of Scotland to preside at both meetings in the province and we extend very best wishes to both of our Lodges. In closing I would extend best wishes to all your families for a peaceful 2023.  

David S. Irving
Provincial Grand Master

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