The Provincial Grand Lodge of Dunbartonshire

When Grand Lodge decided that supervision of the Lodges in the West would be made easier by Commissioning a Brother to act as Grand Master in that area. Alexander Drummond, a past master of the Lodge in Greenock and a Customs Officer was appointed. His remit was over 14 Lodges in the Western Counties, all being beyond the easy reach of Grand Lodge and having the greatest number of Lodges within its boundaries and it was termed a Province.

The Lodges were Kilwinning, Glasgow St Mungo, Hamilton, Dumbarton, Greenock Kilwinning, Lesmahgow, Lanark, Kilmarnock, Glasgow Kilwinning, Kirkintilloch, Coltness, Inveraray, Maybole and Kirkcudbright, names only, numbers came later. By 1837 the Lodges had increased in number and been formed into the Provinces listed today. The Province of Dunbartonshire covers a large area but has only 21 Lodges, an ideal number to work with. There are many unique features in the Province from having the oldest record of a third Degree in the world to the exceptional Benevolent Activities of the Brethren.

In the early days Lodges met in a house or an Inn, but with that inbuilt dedication and enthusiasm shown by committed Masons they soon built their own Temples from which the Brethren of today benefit.

Since 1739 we have had 29 Provincial Grand Masters from Alexander Drummond to our present Provincial Grand Master, James Forrest. In the intervening 274 years we have been served by Provincial Grand Masters who have each made their mark on the Province contributing to the successful Province we have today.

The Province is unique in that it has produced a history of the West of Scotland and its own Province for the first 250 years.

Reading of the problems of our predecessors makes any problem we face today insignificant. They visited, they travelled, despite all the travel difficulties we do not face with modern transport and the car.

They thought well before making a decision and all we benefit from today stems from their hard work.

Dunbartonshire has been fortunate over the years to have informed, loyal, benevolent minded members right up to the present day.

There is much in Dunbartonshire that is unique, from the MacBride Ritual to the St John Festival with Fires. Only a visit can confirm the truth and a warm welcome awaits all true Brethren.

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