The Provincial Grand Lodge of Dunbartonshire
A Message from The Grand Chaplain to The Grand Lodge of Scotland

I write to you as we embark on a difficult journey for our nation and the world as we face the coronavirus. This virus is devastating our world and nation and a battle is going on to fight this pandemic. The battle is serious and there is much doom and gloom being reported It seems almost alien for us to be parted from those we love, from families and friends, from our brothers whom we love dearly. Shops shelves are empty and social distancing is vital. It all seems very doom and gloom with a dark future ahead. However, it is important to realise that good things are going on. Communities are helping each other, and neighbours show concern for neighbours. A spirit of encouragement is appearing and a willingness to win the fight against this virus. In the windows of homes there are appearing rainbows and the word hope as a sign of encouragement to others.


I want to ask you to enter into that spirit of hope. The craft reminds us that our hope is in the great architect of the universe and the motto of the Grand Lodge of Scotland is "in the Lord in all we trust" I urge you to hold onto that motto. In our rituals will learn how much the Prophet and the great King Solomon put their trust in God as they were delivered. I asked you to do the same. We sing the great hymns "courage brother do not stumble… trust in God" and I invite you to re-read the words we sing and take them to your heart. This is an opportunity for us to recall the basis of our craft founded on the principles of brotherly love, benevolence and truth and to recall that as our forefathers of old found hope in God we too should do the same. The symbol we should be putting in our windows is the letter "G" reminding us from whom our help comes. Our rituals remind us that we come from darkness to light. These are dark days but as we recall that we desire light more than anything else let us not forget that the blessing of light will come. The darkest night comes before the dawn. The hymn "lead kindly light" reminds us and when we search for light it can be found and we hope and pray that shafts of light may soon penetrate the darkness of these days. It is my hope and prayer that we shall emerge from this darkness stronger. I urge you to follow our principles, trust in The most high God, seek good to all men and look after each other. My prayer for you as I hope yours is for me. May the light of God surround you. The love of God enfold you. The power of God protect you. The presence of God watch over you.

The Revd Dr Angus Kerr, B.D.,Cert.Min.,Th.M.D.,Min The Grand Chaplain

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