The Provincial Grand Lodge of Dunbartonshire
Honorary Grand Chaplain

On Thursday, 26th January 2023 a regular meeting of Lodge Barns O' Clyde No. 1018 was opened by the Master Brother Durning.



A Large and Distinguished deputation from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Dunbartonshire headed by PGM Brother Irving entered the Lodge and were presented with the Lodge Mallet. Brother Rev Mark Edward Johnstone was presented to the brethren and Brother Irving gave a resume of Brother Rev Johnstone's extensive Masonic and Church career. Thereafter Brother Johnstone was presented with the jewel and diploma relative to Honorary Grand Senior Chaplain, this rank having been conferred upon him by the Grand Master Mason at the Grand Lodge Communication of November 2022. Brother Rev Johnstone then made suitable reply which was greeted with loud applause from the brethren. Thereafter a fine Master Mason Degree was witnessed by all present. The degree having been completed by Brother Kenneth Currie PM No 1018.


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