The Provincial Grand Lodge of Dunbartonshire
Covid 19-Challenge Appeal.

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Dunbartonshire has supported the work of Saint Margarets Hospice, Clydebank for many years.


To this end Provincial Grand Master Bro James Forrest recently attended to present a cheque on behalf of the Brethren of the Province. This cheque was supplemented by an additional amount in recognition of the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic and additional resources required. When the Covid 19-Challenge Appeal was intimated an application was made on behalf of the Hospice through Provincial Grand Lodge asking that this additional donation be matched. However it was with great delight that the Province learned that not only was this sum to be matched but greatly increased by Grand Lodge. On Thursday,16th July 2020 Provincial Grand Master Forrest attended at the Hospice and presented the cheque to Sister Rita Dawson, Chief Executive who thanked Bro Forrest and all concerned for this additional donation and made it quite clear that the said sum was greatly appreciated in these extremely difficult times.

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