Date Lodge No. Place Time/
PGL Time
6th Oct Saint Patrick 1309 Napier Hall Old Kilpatrick 2.30/3.00 JPM
20th Oct St. George 503 Masonic Temple, Helensburgh 2.45/3.15 JF
3rd Nov Cumbernauld St.Andrew's 199 Masonic Temple, Cumbernauld 4.00/4.30 JPM
3rd Nov Bearsden 1572 Masonic Temple, Hardgate 2.30/3.00 JF
9th Nov The Lodge Strathclyde 1626 Craigbank Hall Clydebank 6.30/7.15 DSI
10th Nov Barrhill 1444 Masonic Temple Kilsyth 3.00/3.30 JTK
17th Nov St Modan 1015 Masonic Temple, Helensburgh 2.30/3.00 JTK
17th Nov Cadder Argyle 147 Masonic Temple Chryston 2.30/3.15 JPM
24th Nov Bonhill & Alexandria 321 Masonic Temple, Alexandria 2.30/2.45 JPM
24th Nov The Athole Lodge 384 Masonic Temple, Kirkintilloch 2.00/2.30 JF
1st Dec Caledonian St. John Royal Arch 195 Village Hall Milton of Campsie 3.00/3.15 JF
1st Dec Kyle Kildrum 1602 Masonic Temple Cumbernauld 4.00/4.30 DSI
7th Dec Dumbarton Kilwinning 18 Masonic Temple, Dumbarton 6.30/7.15 DSI
7th Dec Clydebank 1234 Craigbank Hall, Clydebank 6.15/7.00 JF
8th Dec Ellangowan 716 Masonic Temple, Milngavie 3.00/3.30 JTK
13th Dec Barns O'Clyde 1018 Masonic Temple, Clydebank 6.30/7.00 JTK
14th Dec St John Dalmuir 543 Masonic Temple, Dalmuir 6.30/7.15 DSI
15th Dec Kilsyth St. John 39 Masonic Temple, Kilsyth 2.00/2.20 DSI
21st Dec Cochno 1304 Masonic Temple, Hardgate 6.30/7.00 JPM
22nd Dec Leven St. John 170 Masonic Temple, Renton 3.00/3.30 JTK
12th Jan St. John Kilwinning 28 Masonic Temple, Kirkintilloch 3.00/3.25 DSI

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